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— I know this happens all the time, but is there a way I could call a news conference and ask deBeck to ask his supporters to stop removing signs.

I could add that the sign removals really started to accelerated after his comments at yesterday's forum where he stated that no one should be allowed to be elected but incumbents ("You shouldn't vote for a want to be school board member -- you should only elect someone who is already there."

This matches nicely with his comments reported in the UT where he has often stated that this is his seat until he dies or he decides to give it up).

I know this is petty, but there is no way I can afford to go around and replace yard signs this close to the end.

Plus it might be a nice story about the trials of running in a high-profile race.


October 24

Well, tonight was the worst thing we have been to. 30 or so people and every single one of them a SDEA and/Lee supporter.

The moderator (Jim Vandovoer, an endorser) did a poor job, and the crowd yelled and got out of hand.

More questions than we have ever had, and they all were about real estate and bad mgt. and low teacher morale. Lee said that he would never impugn K's integrity, BUT it was merely a matter of conflict of interest. She would have to put vote for her husbands multimillion $ business interest and against the children.

He was awful.

D said the same about me and my developer friends. He said they made up the vast majority of my donors. He said it wouldn't necessarily be anything illegal -- it's just that I would put their interest ahead of the children. He said that the developers were licking their lips in anticipation of the potential windfall they were to receive.

He said that as to the Commercial St. property -- the person who provided the info on the potential illegal activity of I. (which he pronounced Imza) was none other than Ron Roberts. Ron R. had called to warn D. about the conflict. (What the heck is that all about?) He then went on to say I. was in deep trouble about some library deal in SE SD.

He then went on to attack Ron Ottinger (the attack can be seen tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. on KPBS TV where he first surfaced it). He said to show you how much faith Ron has in the Blueprint and the teachers, the Pres. of the school board has taken his child out of a SD school and placed him in a Coronado HS.

D was very much more vocal than he has ever been. He said he is going to fire everybody and give the classroom back to teacher and teachers aides. He was vicious about everybody.

It was an awful crowd. Several people came up and yelled at me about the Lincoln Club flyer and how I had brought racism in the race. They said his record spoke for itself that he was not a racist and that this was way over the top.

How could I talk about reconciliation and then print this up. I was pretty tired by this time, so I told her (1) I had nothing to do with the flyer (2) I wasn't there to take sh-t off her, I was there to answer questions from people with legitimate questions. I then excused myself as she yelled at me as I left -- with my head held high.

As I went out in the parking lot there was Pesta (the SDEA Pres.) and almost the entire crowd from the forum. He was giving them instructions for questions to ask at the upcoming forums. They stacked the questions at this one even though they did not have any competition.

They each wrote 4-5 questions each. Interesting tactic -- surprised it took them this long to figure it out.

I know Laurie does not agree -- and I have absolutely no knowledge to the contrary -- I got a call today "reminding" me that the moderator tomorrow and John have a "special relationship" and not to be expecting to be treated fairly at the League of Women forums tomorrow or on Monday.

I did see the moderator at the Latino forum ask questions and allow a closing -- which he specifically said he would not do. I also notice that the moderator almost always selects the questions.

But the truth is, I am very comfortable answering anything anyone wants to ask.

Sometimes these rumors gather a life of their own. Maybe after I'm elected the word will be that she and I have a "special relationship." At least with us it will be a little more believable.

Thanks for continuing the support

October 29

This morning an old lady (80s) who lives down the street came over and handed me two $100 bills.

She said she was disgusted by the TV ad with the puppet theme.

She said she had never given before but felt the kids scores were getting better, etc.

Then a few minutes ago I received a call from a person downtown who asked for 30 remit envelopes. He said he was so disgusted by the TV ads he's been seeing he's going to see if he can get his friends and office mates to donate.

I also just got an e-mail from a supporter whose opinion (which he is quick to point out is worth what I am paying for it) is that this race is very close and that the vast majority of people have their mind made up and will not be influenced by the ads one way or the other.

He says everyone he speaks to about this race already has a strong opinion about Bersin (pro and con) and the Blueprint and have little feelings one way or the other about the candidates.

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