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Van Dam murder fractures the Sabre Srpings image.

"It’s a great enclave of homes"

“My daughter wanted Danielle to spend the night that night. I said no because I just wasn’t feeling right. Then Danielle wanted her to spend the night, and I said no again. I don’t know, I just….”

Our Saintly Namesake

The miracle worker from Seville

Diego turned the convent into a hospital. During the plague, he was”caught kissing the sores of those affected with a contagious disease, he replied that it was the best way to treat this kind of illness.”

As Killing as the Canker to the Rose

A sister slips away

Melanie was 43 years old and determined. A 104-degree temperature did not keep her from going to her editing job at Blue Cross, but the mass on her left upper arm kept getting bigger and ...

I grew up in Mammoth

“Are we going to catch real fish?”

We left San Marcos in the middle of the night. Well, not exactly the middle of the night. We left San Marcos at 4:45 on a still-dark summer morning. It just felt like the middle ...

What are those Terminator glasses some old people wear?

Matthew: Who makes those funky looking Terminator-style shades that kind of make everybody look like Ah-nold Schwarzenegger, and is it a conspiracy or odd coincidence that only senior citizens seem to be wearing them? Do ...

Why doesn't The New York Times go tabloid?

Hey: Does size really matter? I think it does. The long ones always flop over unless you hold them up just right. I prefer the shorter ones because you can hold them up straight easily ...

Continental breakfast: sounds fancy, looks puny

Dear Matt: Where did the term Continental breakfast come from? It sure sounds big for something so small. -- Keith, the Net The name comes from the us-and-them distinction that Brits love make. There's Us ...

Promise Breakers

Bankruptcy menaces Salt Creek

How long is forever? As it turns out, forever is about two years, or so people in Chula Vista were recently surprised to discover. In March 1996, the County of San Diego and the City ...

Hike amid the shade of coast live-oaks at Orange County's Santiago Oaks Regional Park.

Pint-size Santiago Oaks Regional Park, in the city of Orange, was pieced together from two former ranch properties acquired by Orange County's parks department in the mid-1970s. A small Valencia orange grove and many acres ...