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Ernie Wright, a former Charger, founded Pro Kids and the money kept coming in

Half million in city funding

Around San Diego's city hall, it's hard to argue with an institution called the "Pro Kids Golf Academy and Learning Center." And it's even harder to argue with Ernie Wright, a former Charger who says ...

Tijuana's Robot Surgeons

To many, Tijuana's medical reputation is associated with alternative medicine. Cancer patients and others who are seriously ill, disillusioned by mainstream medicine's offers of little hope and harsh treatments, flock to the border city for ...

Thieves Grab Green Gold

Over 90 percent of the avocados grown in the United States are grown in California, and half of those are grown in San Diego County. The cultivation of avocados, particularly the durable and tasty Haas ...

Drunken Rowdies

David Copley's third DUI since 1986

Union-Tribune publisher David Copley, 50, who is also president and chief executive officer of the paper's holding company, his mother's Copley Press, has been arrested for driving under the influence and is set for arraignment ...

Why (and How?) Did a Navy SEAL Die in Afghanistan?

Perhaps the Pentagon didn’t tell the whole story.

Another incomplete version of Roberts’s last moments emerged in a New York Times article on March 7 under the headline “Combat Mystery: Last Moments of Navy Man Still a Puzzle.”

Visit serene Summit Valley, a new patch of designated open space in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Summit Valley, a.k.a. Edmund D. Edelman Park (named in honor of a Los Angeles County supervisor), is a recent addition to the public lands of the Santa Monica Mountains. The park spreads across both sides ...

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