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One Year and Fifteen Days Later

San Diego's Arabs and Moslems on 9-11

San Diego’s Arab and Islamic communities have mixed feelings about September 11, 2001. Some blame Osama bin Laden, some fault the United States, and still others blame all parties involved. With one exception, these speakers ...

Semper chalet

Are you a business fat cat who wants to get up close and personal with the military brass and hardware at the upcoming Miramar Marine air show? How about purchasing a "Corporate Hospitality Chalet" right ...

Why do Canadians pay so much more for stuff than we do?

Hey, Matt: Why is it that "WE" who live in the United States need to know what "THEY" who live in Canada pay on consumer items/goods???? (i.e., greeting cards/flower vases, etc.) And why is it ...

Cockpit? Why "cockpit"?

Haymatt: Could you tell me why the pilot sits in a cockpit? Why is a cockpit called a cockpit? Did Orville and Wilbur think up the word? Do other countries use this same term? In ...

Poke around Anza-Borrego's Blair Valley for evidence of historic and prehistoric human habitation.

As September grades into October and the sun swings ever lower across the southern sky, the high-desert landscape around Anza-Borrego's Blair Valley becomes comfortable enough for an early-season visit. It's warm, dry, and desolate out ...

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