Content for Thursday, October 31, 2002

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A visit to a Tijuana morgue

Baja anatomy professor: My students learn compassion.

Not long after my brother died and was buried in Oregon, I found myself in the depósito de cadáveres, or morgue, at Tijuana’s Autonomous University of Baja California. My hand rested on the handle of ...

Felons and their underwear: The truth revealed.

Mr. Alice: Once in jail, one receives issued clothing, to include underwear. What is the average life of that one-issued daily underwear, from one inmate to another, having been washed and worn for each inmate? ...

Squirrel Crash

Drought causes aggression

During the past few years, San Diego's rural tree squirrel population has nearly reached extinction. Their population is apparently coming back, even though few people seem to know exactly why they died off in the ...

A Bicycle Isn't a Toy

The name police have given the crashes is "vehicle versus bike." Dave Rierson, who works at Mission Hills Bikes on West Washington Street, has been in three of them in the last six months. And, ...

Money club

In the final weeks before next Tuesday's election, downtown real estate mogul Malin Burnham has been pumping big money into the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, a Republican campaign committee that, according to its ...

The True Marchers

Who opened up San Diego and California from Mexico?

By poring over the account book and analyzing the entries in it, Crosby eventually deduced the identities of all 36 of the soldiers in the first and second expeditions. (Previously, only 8 had been conclusively identified.)