Content for Thursday, November 21, 2002

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A Slap in the Face of the Past

North County money buys the ruin of downtown's historic Santa Fe Depot

Loaded La Jollans boost a downtown museum.

EEK! It's a human arrow!

Hey, Mr. Alice: So I'm sitting at a stop light and I notice this disturbing trend of human billboards. You see them twirling those sale signs and doing a weird dance. My questions I have ...

Examined Life

Even with a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, tax legislation and judicial nominees could be blocked by a filibuster. How many votes are needed to overcome a filibuster? A. 51 B. 59 C. 60 ...

Fatal Shore

Is Mission Beach a Club Med for crooks?

"If we had more police we'd have more police in cars driving around or sitting at 7-Eleven. They don't patrol, they don't walk a beat. They gather together and wait for something to happen."

Whitewashed history

When University of California president and San Diego favorite son Richard C. Atkinson announced his planned retirement last week at the age of 73, saying he was returning to La Jolla, his hometown Union-Tribune provided ...

Tackle severe ups and downs on the old mining track through El Capitan Open Space Reserve near Lakeside.

If you have the fortitude to tackle some killer ups and downs, try the surprisingly challenging hiking route to El Cajon Mountain, a picturesque East County landmark. Your primary destination is the 3675-foot-high point along ...

How far away is the horizon?

You know, MA, here's a pretty simple one that I just can't answer for myself. Just how far away is the horizon? Seems pretty simple, right? But all the science books give all the math ...

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