Content for Thursday, May 16, 2002

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If I'd Been Born a Woman

Six San Diego men take an imaginary leap across the gender divide

“Don’t be such a girl.” I hear the boys taunt each other at the playground near my house. “Don’t be such a girl.” Nothing could be worse. Most men agree. Sitting on the couch with ...

Their Mothers Cry Too

While Israel's war with Palestinian terrorists rages on, hopes for peace diminish. Some Jews in San Diego are hopeful, even if their hope is only philosophical. Alex Brauer, 79, knows a little bit about Israeli ...

Out of the ballgame

As the controversy over Peregrine Systems, the Del Mar Heights company closely tied to Padres owner John Moores, exploded last week, both the company and representatives of Moores were quick to deny that the software ...

Can I really make thousands of dollars a week stuffing envelopes like the telephone poles say?

Heymatt: Are the "Work at Home" ads legit or are they a scam? Does one who registers actually stuff envelopes at home and receive cash for every envelope that they mail out? I see them ...

Climb Mount Baden-Powell, the second highest massif of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Named in honor of Lord Baden-Powell, the British Army officer who started the Boy Scout movement in 1907, massive Mount Baden-Powell stands higher than any other mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains -- except for ...

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