Content for Thursday, March 28, 2002

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They Won the Biggest Family Contest

National City's Lovell family and their 15 kids

Almost everyone who skimmed the San Diego Union on May 9, 1964, would have noticed the photo that ran at the top of the front page of the local section. She was smiling broadly and ...

Are the van Dams Fit Parents?

Drugs not so bad, but swinging...

They probably didn't check their kids that night, just out of routine. They shouldn't check every five minutes. If they went to bed, they went to bed. The mother was at the bar and left the responsibility to the father

Billboard secrecy

The sponsor of that big billboard on State Highway 94 promoting the Fourth District city council candidacy of Charles Lewis still hasn't filed a legally required campaign-disclosure statement with the San Diego city clerk's office, ...

Andrea Yates — that help she needed

She told the police the children “weren’t developing properly”

Every time I read about Andrea Yates, I shudder. She’s just like me. High school valedictorian, good grades in college, pursued a profession, stopped working outside the home when she had her first child, deeply ...

Circle Lake Poway on a 3-mile loop trail for hikers and bikers.

In the cool of a spring evening, as the sun arcs toward the western horizon at an ever-later hour (especially after daylight time kicks in on April 7), you can escape from the cares of ...

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