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Speak English!

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Why They Didn't Vote

The March 5 primary election had one of the lowest voter turnouts in San Diego history. A sampling of nonvoters seems to indicate that while many intended to vote, some simply didn't know or didn't ...

Word games

The Union-Tribune was forced to halt its presses last week when editors discovered that a four-letter word had made its way past page-proofers and into the paper's weekly "Night & Day" entertainment section. According to ...

The story of space pee

Matt: I've heard that space is full of astronaut pee. Is this correct? -- Wondering, San Diego Correct. But it's not exactly like they're taking a leak over the side of a boat. Before recent ...

What exactly do those weasels mean by "proceeds"?

Hey, Matt: If all of the proceeds of Paul Newman's food line goes to charity, how does anybody who works there make any money? --Ashley Chafin, the net Instead of Paul Newman, a certified icon, ...

Take a nippy dip in the shallow pools of Cuyamaca's Harper Creek

On a bud-bursting spring day, Harper Creek's shallow, jewel-like pools invite tactile exploration — with more than just the fingers. Slide into one of the pools this month (assuming we get a decent amount of ...

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