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Creation Myth

This year the electronic-gaming industry expects to beat Hollywood at making money. It’s happened once before. In 1998, entranced with a new generation of gaming consoles that included the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Sega ...

Where did they film the big wave at the beginning of "Hawaii Five-0"?

Dear Matthew Alice: I'm dying to know where the huge wave at the beginning of Hawaii Five-0 was filmed. -- Mark Plazak, La Jolla; and Paul Hunter, Clairemont; Jay Smith, North Park All you nonsurfers ...

Did Einstein ever kiss Olivia Newton-John?

Dear Matt: Was Olivia Newton-John ever kissed by Albert Einstein? -- Milton F, Normal Heights Usually I don't much care which way the facts fall. True, false; you're right, you're wrong-- as long as my ...

Will City Council Be Sitting in Those Free Seats Again?

Before 1995, when the City of San Diego decided to expand what was then called Jack Murphy Stadium and give the Chargers their infamous ticket guarantee, one of the most popular plums of local political ...

I'd Never Marry a Pale Girl

From La Jolla Shores to Mission Beach, guys talk about their tans.

On a sunny afternoon in June, Mark Davis is peeling off the top of his wetsuit after taking a swim at La Jolla Shores. Davis, 23, just returned to San Diego after graduating from Humboldt ...

Run for the border

The county's data-processing program has gotten a new chief executive who is just as controversial as the trouble-plagued operation he's been named to run. Denny Piper abruptly resigned his position as Houston's chief information officer ...

An Indian Chief Plots Revolution

Garra sent couriers to every tribe in San Diego County, including San Pasqual, Santa Isabel, San Luis Rey, and Temecula.

"Garra sent his son to San Diego with cash, but it, too, was short of the assessment. Few Americans or Californios in San Diego County realized how deeply the Indians of the region resented being taxed.”

Ascend Palomar Mountain the back way via the old Nate Harrison Grade

The 21st Century journey up Palomar Mountain is perhaps too easy, notwithstanding the nauseatingly curvy South Grade Road that leads expeditiously to the top. With extra time, you can always revert to an earlier and ...

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