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What’s going on in City Heights’ Waldorf School?

After the morning verse, the class sings a medieval round in preparation of the May Faire, and then it’s time to recite the choral passages of the play they’ll perform next month: scenes from Homer’s Odyssey.

They Laugh at a $1000 Fine

Edmundo Batista Rivera and Conrado Gaxiola Val, though business competitors, greet each other as old friends. Batista rises from his table at Azulejos restaurant in the Hotel Camino Real in Tijuana's Zona Rio, and the ...

Neon signs

Following a mention here two weeks ago about his failure to disclose, San Diego State University president Stephen Weber has amended his official statements of economic interest to reveal the acquisition date of his stock ...

Aliens Use My Social Security Number

We all assume that if there is one thing that's ours alone, it is our Social Security number. And everyone who's ever offered you a job, a loan, or a line of credit has assumed ...

Why do dogs' back ends sometimes drift to the side when they run?

Ahoy, Matt: I've noticed that many of our canine friends seem to walk, um, well, sort of sideways. It's like their hind legs are going faster than the front ones and are catching up. Usually ...

Saltine crackers: 13 holes? 16 holes? What's the story?

Hey: Do the Keebler elves have names? Are they related to your elves? -- Skitch, Solana Beach To Matthew Alice: Recently I bought a box of crackers, specifically a 16-oz. box labeled Krispy original. The ...

Death of a lightbulb: the full story.

Matt: Why does a lightbulb burn out just as you turn it on and never when it's been on for a while? -- LLN, La Jolla As a lighted bulb glows away, minute bits of ...

Dribbling with runoff, Newton Canyon Falls in the Santa Monica Mountains lies hidden below a major roadway.

Although they slice only about six miles inland from the Pacific shoreline near Point Dume in Malibu, Zuma Canyon and its tributaries harbor some of the deeper gorges of the Santa Monica Mountains. Winter rains ...

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