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Their Teachers Molested Them

Lessons in betrayal

“I didn’t know if my boundaries were healthy,” says Sarah, defending her decision to leave teaching the first time. “I got quite attached to the kids, and leaving my class at the end of the year was devastating."

Can Plastic Bags Slake City's Thirst?

It's very easy to take water for granted. Even here, in arid San Diego, when you turn on the tap, water always issues. But the fact is, only about 5 percent of the water in ...

More Treacherous Than Vietnam

Liberals in the media don't understand terrorism in Afghanistan

McP's Pub in Coronado, a popular hangout for Navy SEALs, is packed with Marines. With only two women in a bar filled with nearly 70 men, they are having what bartender Tom Latona refers to ...

Gift horse and a golden fleecing

Members of the San Diego Unified school board are looking forward to a big week of freebies. "Jack Webb at the Union-Tribune would like to invite you and a guest to the Maya Angelou performance ...

Where are my lips going?

Dear Matt: I'm hoping you can settle a bet between my boyfriend and I. I say my lips have gotten pale from the use of lipstick over the years. He says my lips are pale ...


Matthew: What is the best question you have ever been asked? Also, how do you feel about parentheses? -- Jay, University City Mr. Alice: When I get to the end of this sentence, why will ...

Why do I have to buy those expensive roses?

dear matt: How did a dozen red roses get to be "the one"? What's wrong with seven yellow dandelions? -- matt, the net Nothing. It's just that the rose industry had a better marketing team ...

What makes a voice get quavery and "old"?

Dear MA and the elves: What causes the quavery "old" sound of some elderly people's voices? And is there anything I can do to prevent it in my voice as I age? -- Toni, the ...

Cycle-tour the back roads of Santa Ysabel and Mesa Grande.

At an elevation of over 3000 feet, the rolling upland known as Mesa Grande is more reminiscent of Central California's coast ranges than San Diego County's typical rock-ribbed foothills. Through the heart of Mesa Grande ...

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