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Hard Freedom: Life After Foster Care

Take Wing, Toussaint, Turning Point - San Diego transitional homes

Leaving home is one of the defining events of growing up. The first taste of freedom from parental boundaries can be exhilarating. But for teens in San Diego County’s foster care system who have lost ...

Fear for My Life

A Somali immigrant rides out anti-Muslim sentiment.

Yousef refuses to disclose where hawala transactions take place, since a major hub of such transactions, Al Barakaat, was closed down by the government just a week before. "That's a big hit to Somalis.”

Too Many Mansions

Burt Boyer fears big places next to little cottages

"That gentleman has done nothing but harass us at every opportunity. As a result of his claims, we've spent thousands and thousands of dollars to be on the cautious side of safety for the community.”

Cash and carry (2)

The Partnership for Student Achievement, the political committee that last year funneled more than half a million dollars into a negative TV advertising campaign against San Diego Unified School District board member Frances Zimmerman, is ...

Return of the Native

A WWII Consolidated Vultee riveter and pregnant

In memory, I, a toddler, am seated on old George Marston’s lap. On another evening, Laurence Klauber tells me all about snakes, while in a corner, Colonel Fletcher booms on about the virtues of real estate.

Why do some birds tweet and some birds screech?

Matt: Why do some birds make song, where others hoot (owls), caw (crows), or coo (pigeons)? What is the explanation for such a range of sounds from similar species? -- GC in LJ What's the ...

How do you get out of a sinking car?

Dear Matt: My friends and I were talking and started wondering how to escape a sinking car. In the movie stunt people seem to escape with ease, yet in newspaper articles it seems that many ...

Can a big meal temporarily affect your hearing?

Dear Matthew Alice: I recently heard that eating a big meal can affect a person's hearing. After a person has eaten, he cannot hear as well. Is this true? -- P.S., San Diego Can you ...

Hike or bike to pleasantly forested Henninger Flats, in the San Gabriel Mountains overlooking Pasadena.

Park-like Henninger Flats is a cool "sky island" in the front range of the San Gabriel Mountains, just behind and above the cities of Pasadena and Altadena. The flats and slopes hereabouts have been the ...

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