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Married Rich

Handsome dowries among San Diego elite

With Silberman's imprisonment and the death of his one-time partner, liberal Republican Robert Peterson, Foster had become one of the few remaining pillars of the city's left-of-center establishment.

The bus driver's mind

Mr. Yost navigates our terra incognita

Yost is formidable, the body of a wrestler or linebacker. You can picture him as a cop or prison guard with whom you would think twice about arguing. He usually wears a baseball cap or visor.

Swords Unsheathed

Next week's runoff election in District 6 for the city council seat vacated by Valerie Stallings last January will close a match between first-time candidates Steve Danon -- former chief of staff to Ron Roberts ...

Mother's milk

National Republicans collected $13.6 million in so-called soft money during the first three months of the year, compared to just $1.2 million for Democrats, with wealthy San Diego contributors leading the way. In fact, the ...

Why doesn't the Costco's outdoor dining area have as many pigeons as most outdoor dining areas?

Matt: While dining on the fine cuisine served up at the Morena Boulevard Costco outdoor dining area, I noticed a distinct lack of bothersome feathered friends. What in the world do they do at Costco ...

Do kids these days still get cooties?

Hey, Matt! Do kids these days still get cooties? And what's a cootie anyway? -- Buglady, San Diego Cooties live! Science has not yet found a cure. According to our survey of neighborhood short people, ...

Follow a segment of the Coast to Crest Trail along the north shore of Lake Hodges.

Lake Hodges has become one of the key units in the sprawling San Dieguito River Park, slowly taking form along 55 miles of river valley from the coast at Del Mar to Volcan Mountain near ...

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