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Chapter One It was always night in the Hillcrest Club, one of those Southern California cocktail lounges with the red vinyl booths, artificial plants, Formica bar, and no windows. Anyone coming in off the street, ...

For big tires, when the rate of speed increases, does the difference in my speedometer vs. actual speed increase, decrease, or remain the same?

MA of Reader: I have a Toyota truck that has a lift on it and tires that are a little bigger than the factory tires were. The other day I passed one of those radar ...

How does the Mint make a profit?

Hey, Matt: Recently the daily paper published a letter from the director of the U.S. Mint defending the issuance of the so-called "Golden Dollars." He indicated that the Mint generated a profit of $800,000,000 (that's ...

With Friends Like These

A shady pal queers Alan Glick's social life

In the movie, a fictionalized version of Spilotro, played by Joe Pesci, is seen to murder a character closely resembling Tamara Rand, a San Diego real estate woman in 1975 in the kitchen of her Mission Hills home.

Revenge of the Union-Tribune

Sixth District city council candidate Peter Navarro is making headway in his investigation into how those huge Union-Tribune signs got on the back of Qualcomm Stadium overlooking the busy I-15 and I-8 interchange in Mission ...

Hike up the Merigan Fire Road in the Cuyamaca Mountains for a bit of solitude.

Standing apart from nearby peaks, Viejas Mountain can be seen from many parts of metropolitan San Diego as a dusky, obtusely triangular feature along the eastern horizon. A faint, partially overgrown trail Fed by countless ...

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