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In Passing: Water and Heaven

To help pay for San Diego’s first publicly commissioned outdoor sculpture, a small bronze statue in honor of Ellen Scripps, the mayor asked schoolchildren to donate their pennies to the purchase fund. Now, 80 years ...

How to Do Genealogical Research in San Diego

The ultimate guide: books, libraries, Family History Center, Genealogical Society, birth, military, and neighborhood records

In Early San Diego and California Families are pedigree charts for the following families: Altamirano, Alvarado, Ames, Arguello, Connors, Cota, Couts, Dominguez, Estudillo, Horton, Lopez, Machado, Pico, Pio Pico, and Serrano.

Are people's birthdays distributed evenly throughout the year?

Matthew: Are people's birthdays distributed evenly throughout the year, or are there clumps of birthdays in certain months? -- Mark Holmes, Del Mar Heights Birthdaywise, we're a very clumpy country. Mostly we're busy birthin' in ...

What purpose does "gleeking" serve?

What purpose does "gleeking" serve? Where is the word derived from? And do you even know what I'm talking about? -- Brian, Clairemont As if things weren't crazy enough around here, we're wearing rain ponchos ...

Why do we only smell odors when we breath in?

The Big M: How come when we breathe in, you can smell odors, but when you breathe out through your nose you cannot? Do the odors we smell while breathing in disappear in some odor ...

Does the DA Have No Choice?

Before most people knew the shooter at Santana High School's first name was Charles, not Andy, District Attorney Paul Pfingst announced his intention to try him as an adult at a news conference three hours ...

Moola, Moola

Insiders say it isn't surprising that the San Diego Taxpayers Association has endorsed the city's latest ballpark-financing scheme, even though it's heavily subsidized by city taxpayers. Association president Mary Ball, whose name appears below the ...

Witness fault action in freeze-frame at Devils Punchbowl Natural Area in Los Angeles County.

Tens of millions of years in the making, Devil's Punchbowl is certainly Los Angeles County's most spectacular geological showplace. When looking down into this 300-foot-deep chasm, you sense the enormity of the slow yet inexorable ...

Rock Hideaway

The places three chords and an attitude might draw you..

Ever since Charlie Christian hot-wired a mike to his guit box in the 1930s (or maybe Eddie Durham did it first) and Gene Krupa went nuts on a full drum kit (though maybe he should ...

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