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Mission Bay High's Class of '78 meets on the web

No one ever dances

“It was like we were all grownups now. Most people had kids. And it was really important to show up and prove that you were, in fact, a grownup and you’d gotten past that whole high school thing."

What is the story behind the Proctor Valley Monster?

Hey, MA: For years I've heard stories of the Proctor Valley Monster. Proctor Valley is northeast of Otay Lakes. Some say it's a deranged cow and others say it's San Diego's version of Bigfoot. Can ...

Who built the big concrete teepee on top of a hill near Escondido, and why?

Dear Matthew Alice: I remember a long time ago there used to be a big concrete teepee on top of a hill near Escondido. You could see it from all over. Can you find out ...

Forever Money-Hungry

Campaign fundraising in San Diego County never ends. Immediately after election day last November, politicians of every stripe were out, hat in hand, collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from a host of wealthy donors ...


Ex-San Diego city councilwoman Valerie Stallings, forced to resign in January after admitting her failure to report a raft of gifts from Padres owner John Moores, has filed her leaving-office financial-disclosure statement as required by ...

See Kitchen Creek Falls in the Laguna Mountains at its seasonal best.

What San Diego's backyard mountain ranges lack in terms of scale and grandeur is outweighed by the sublime and circumspect beauty to be found in some of its remote canyons. A case in point is ...

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