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Hooky Raids

On the morning of June 7, at least 25 police officers, social workers, and prosecutors, accompanied by a horde of television and print reporters, rolled out of a police substation in one of the poorest ...

Swing the Boom

Smaller cranes are whippier

“These cranes are pretty nice rigs,” he told me. “They handle nice. It’s kind of like a car. [Just like little cars], the smaller the crane, the whippier it is — the quicker around.”

Tenor under Construction

A young father finds his voice at the San Diego Met auditions

My opera career up to a year and a half ago consisted of an appearance as a monkey in a Cal State Los Angeles production of The Magic Flute when I was 10 and as ...

Cloudy Futures

A Kansas City school run by the School Futures Research Foundation, a Mission Valley-based nonprofit heavily backed by billionaire Wal-Mart heir and Bonita resident John Walton, has had its charter revoked. In an attempt to ...

Married to the Peso

In Mexico City in June of 1994, Pat Nelson took a friend, a Mexican financial consultant, to lunch. "My friend said to me, 'Pat, in '92 and '93 the Mexican government issued short-term bonds that ...

Blue surfing

The Canadian navy has suspended one of its top commanders after he admitted he'd looked at Internet porn sites last April while surfing the Web during service in San Diego. Eric Lerhe, 52, chief of ...

Visit Oasis Spring in the Laguna Mountains, where a sparkling rivulet makes a headlong plunge toward the desert floor.

A more restful place could scarcely be imagined. A warm breeze from the desert below wafts up the shady canyon, bringing with it the scent of sage and bay laurel. A lone bigleaf maple tree ...

How do you obtain a marijuana user and grower card?

Mr. Alice: This may sound off the wall, but here goes. How does one go about securing a marijuana user and grower card? I read all about these people and have yet to see any ...

How do you start a bank?

Hey, Matthew: How do you start a bank? It looks like a nice gig! Banks are well-lit businesses with polite staff and (usually) docile customers. Judging from the nice locations, expensive furniture, and money they ...

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