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San Diego couples endure dust-ups

I wish that instead of piling stuff, leaving piles around the house, she’d go through her piles now and then. She doesn’t take care of it. She just rearranges the stacks.

Crude camp on non-Christian land

Life at the Presidio — “hovels” that leaked badly in winter

When Monterey’s presidio was established, the importance of San Diego’s fortification was diminished. San Diego’s harbor and climate were exceptional, but the surrounding country was not as fertile, so it became more of a way station.

Body at War

Dr. Milan Brandon is San Diego's longest-practicing allergist. Since leaving the Navy in 1959, he has treated more than 30,000 patients. His son, Donald, also a physician with an interest in allergies, practices with him ...


Despite boasting one of the nation's sunniest climates, despite laboring under towering electricity rates, San Diego County isn't home to a single solar energy plant. It's not that we haven't tried. A 20-acre solar farm ...

The Ted and Norm show

The older brother of La Jolla high-tech mogul Ted Waitt is making news in Forbes magazine, but it isn't for selling computers. Norman Waitt Jr. helped Ted found Gateway Computers in an Iowa barn 16 ...

Hike the lofty but short Table Mountain Trail near Big Pines in Angeles National Forest.

Big Pines Recreation Area, part of Angeles National Forest, perches atop the easternmost extremity of the San Gabriel Mountains, west of Cajon Pass. Blanketed by a heterogeneous mixture of pines, firs, and oaks, and perched ...

What causes the 10 degree temperature change between Miramar Way and Mira Mesa Boulevard?

Matt: A while ago I was coming home from a job downtown, heading north on the 15. When I got to about Miramar Way, I noticed the temperature dropped what felt like ten degrees Then ...

What is the exact origin of the Seven Deadly Sins?

Dear Matt: We were wondering, just what is the EXACT origin of the Seven Deadly Sins? Are they specifically biblical in origin? Is seven a significant number? Don't some of them seem redundant? -- Pondering ...

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