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The Oceanside constable has arrested a man by the name of Smith, wanted at Redlands for stealing a bicycle. Sheriff Jennings and the police had been notified that the man was coming.

Clyde Gribble and Ernest Peffley, the two boys arrested for smoking cigarettes in violation of ordinance, have been released….

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  • The Dishonest “Times”

The Union recently made mention of a characteristic bit of dishonesty on the part of the Los Angeles Times in falsifying in its columns an official government map, issued by the treasury department at Washington and designed to show the ports of commerce of the Pacific coast and their relations to the trade of the orient. Los Angeles, being an interior town, did not appear on that map. San Diego was there, of course, as were San Francisco and Seattle — the three places on the Pacific coast which have deep-water harbors and are officially deemed commercial ports. All this of course was gall and wormwood to the Times. It was issuing a special edition designed to be circulated to a limited extent in the east. So with a deliberate purpose to deceive, the official map was doctored. Los Angeles was carried bodily to the coast and lines were run to indicate steamer routes from the city to the orient. San Diego was eliminated entirely by the Times’ map-maker.

The purpose of this article is not to expatiate upon the knavery of the Times — which needs no comment — but merely to call attention to the fact that that paper’s course was as thick-witted as it was knavish….

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  • At Coronado Golf Links — Yesterday Was a Social Day

Hotel del Coronado — Yesterday was social day at the Coronado Golf Club, and following the games a merry crowd gathered to talk over scores, old and new, and to talk golf in general. The splendid score made by Miss Helen Sturges on New Year’s day was freely commented upon. Miss Sturges made the nine holes in 56, and by so doing has established a ladies’ golf record for the season that is not likely to be lowered….

Killed While Hunting

While out hunting rabbits for his New Year’s dinner, Aaron Thompson, a 13-year-old boy whose home was east of El Cajon, accidentally shot and killed himself with his shotgun…. The accident was a particularly sad one from the fact that young Aaron had been the man of the family while his father, whose name is also Aaron, has been working at Surf, in Santa Barbara County. The family had expected the father to return on New Year’s day, and it was the intention to have a good dinner prepared for him….

The dead body was discovered in a crevice almost out of sight…. It was very evident that the boy had attempted to climb over the rocks while coming down the hill. He approached them from the upper side, and the accident happened while he was trying to climb down on the lower side. At his place the rocks were about six feet high, and the boy had undoubtedly slid the gun down first, so that his hands would be free for himself to climb down….

The mother was almost beside herself with grief when the sad news was broken to her. While Mr. Whitson was at the house, a telegram was received from Mr. Thompson stating that he would be home on Friday. He does not yet know of his son’s fate, and will probably not hear of it until he arrives in San Diego….

A Cool Reception

The new century has given the people of San Diego, as well as other northern and eastern sections, a cool reception. Yesterday morning the mercury dropped as low as 44 degrees above zero…. The lowest mark ever reached in this city was 32 degrees above zero, but that was several years ago, and anything below 50 is uncomfortable in this county…. Although several San Diegans imagined that they had their fingers or toes nearly frozen, not even the tenderest plant was damaged.

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Death of Capt. Fitzallen

Capt. Charles Fitzallen, aged 71 years, died…yesterday. He had resided in this county for many years and more recently had made his home at San Miguel. He discovered the waters of life in the Jamacha country, which it was claimed would make hair grow on a bald head. The funeral arrangements have not been made.

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  • President Invited to Visit San Diego

Washington — Representative Heedham and secretary H.P. Wood of the San Diego chamber of commerce called on President McKinley today and invited him to visit San Diego during his stay in California.

The president cordially thanked the visitors, and replied that the trip would afford him great pleasure if the matter could be arranged….

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  • Local Brevities

There is an undelivered telegram at the Western Union office for Miss Dee Hartley.

Sarah Escadilla, aged 19 years, died on Wednesday at her home, 247 Seventh Street, of consumption.

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  • Clearing Ground

Quite a large force of men is at work on North Island preparing for the coming of the dog men to the field trials to be held there on Jan. 14…. The trials are to bring together the best dogs of the setter and pointer breeds to be found on the Pacific Coast….

An Insane Passenger

A man who was evidently insane boarded the southbound train from Los Angeles last evening at Encinitas and caused something of a commotion during the remainder of the trip. He was an elderly gray-haired man, wore a fur cap and was evidently from the Olivenhain colony. No one could understand the language he spoke, and he refused to pay his fare or get off the train. An effort was made to leave him at Del Mar, but he would not be left. Finally a passenger who talked Spanish had a brief conversation with him, but the old man was not very communicative. If he caught any one staring at him, he would yell and make things lively generally. He was turned over to the police upon the arrival of the train in this city.

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