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San Diego Indians weaving baskets and making lace

They shall be dead, and we shall all be free

Pattie let it be known that he had a supply of [smallpox] vaccine, and the Governor soon contracted with him to vaccinate the Californians, officials, soldiers, settlers, padres, and Mission Indians.

Does the Yukon tempt divers to death?

Bad luck in dark water off Mission Beach

Tegner was ascending from an 85-foot dive when her air apparently ran out, forcing her to surface before she could complete her final decompression stop. A companion suggested to her that she stay in the boat.

I'm not God

Will Greta's baby choose life?

Mt two latex-gloved fingers extended as far into Greta's vagina as they could through the tight rubbery of of her cervix, grazing the firm, smooth, slippery surface of her baby’s lowest part, but I could ...

Fearless Below Market

East Village walking tour

“Whenever anyone who is doing a dig for a new project, like the ballpark, comes across pottery shards and arrowheads or any interesting piece of trash, it has to be examined."

Tijuana’s upholstery heyday

Liked to deal with the gringos

Jose Quezada, 47, calls himself a talón. “A talón is like a hustler. And a talón is important here. Some of the workers–” he rolls his eyes back to the shop where men are banging ...

Native Exiles

Delfina Cuero: Her Autobiography, an Account of Her Last Years, and Her Ethnobotanic Contribution

"The girls just had one dress and we’d fight. I’d throw them and the dress would tear and they’d cry and cry.... I tore my dress too, but I sure liked to wrestle.”

Hike the beach below San Clemente, and get a glimpse of the Western White House

In southernmost Orange County, a long, gently curving stretch of sand and surf beckons surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, and strollers. Closer to Dana Point, both the old coast highway (former Highway 101) and the tracks of ...

When a man is dressed as a woman, why do they say he is "in drag?"

Hey, Matt: When a man is dressed as a woman, why do they say he is "in drag"? -- Christie, Lemon Grove The term popped up in the 1860s, 1870s, thereabouts, in England. It actually ...

What are Slurpees made of?

Hey, Matt: What exactly are Slurpees made of? I know heavily sugared things aren't particularly thirst quenching, but somehow you'd think even lots of sugar couldn't make ground-up ice not thirst quenching. But it does. ...

What is the history/origin of the dreaded unity candle?

Dearest Matt: I finally decided to do it and tie the knot. In planning the wedding ceremony, the subject of the unity candle came up. It seems really asinine to me, and I'm trying to ...

Let’s Be Friends

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