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Rich Man in Heaven

Jim Benson Wants to Send You into Space

Jim Benson, founder of the world's first private space-exploration company, has a knack for coming up with slogans. "We put the 'Pow' in Poway" is one of the things he likes to say. Poway is ...

Ghetto Beauty

Little house in the 'hood

“I used to love me a pork chop, like I used to smoke cigarettes. Then I heard that my father lost one of his lungs, so I decided, ‘That’s enough Marlboros for me.' "

Camp Pendleton's Shaggy Secret

The Marine base is wilder than you think

According to Berry, the San Diego Zoo introduced the bison to Camp Pendleton in 1973. The zoo’s contingent of North American Plains Bison (bison bison) had reproduced so successfully that they were running out of room.

One Hundred Hidden Dangers

'I didn't seek to be a school nurse. I was new to the city and I thought, 'I'll give this a try.' " Since giving it a try, Sandy Wright has been working with San ...

Delfina Cuero: Her autobiography, an account of her last years, and her ethnobotanic contributions

One of the most important documents ever written about San Diego

"Opossums are good food, the meat is real good. I still eat them when I have a chance, but now I’m getting old, and I care more for cottontail rabbits; they’re easier to find."

Breathe pine-scented, rarefied air on Mount Hillyer in Angeles National Forest.

If you enjoy the High Sierra you may get some sense of déjà vu atop Mount Hillyer, a rounded promontory off Angeles Crest Highway in the San Gabriel Mountains. The warm (but not hot) summer ...

Do foreign companies use American actors in their commercials?

Hey, Matt: I've noticed that a large number of companies use actors in their TV commercials with English, French, or other foreign accents. I suppose that companies feel that an articulate accented spokesperson lends more ...

What happened to the h's on page 138 of the Reader on August 2nd?

Dear Matthew Alice: On page 138 of the San Diego Reader dated August 2, nearly everywhere there's supposed to be an h in the text, there's a blank space instead. At first I thought it ...

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