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A. Well, I can see a passenger about half a block, a little over half a block ahead that I can see a passenger good.

Q. Then how far out at the side does this light it?

A. Well, after the light gets a little piece ahead of the car, it shows the full width of the street, but the headlight starts out in this way from the headlight (indicating an angle).

Q. The rays converge?

A. Yes, until it gets the full width of the street.

Q. Well, at her position when you first saw her, should she not have seen the light, even though her back was towards you?

A. It seems to me there is nothing in the world to hinder her from seeing it. When she stepped over the rail, it looks to me like there was nothing to hinder her seeing the light there.

Q. At her position, she was in the light so you could see her distinctly?

A. Yes sir.

Q. And the light was projected considerably in front of her?

A. Yes sir.

Q. She did not appear to hear you at all?

A. No sir, never noticed nothing at all, just went with her head down all the time, just looking at the ground, never looked up.

Q. Did she have anything in her hands that you noticed?

A. I could not see that she did.

Q. What was done when the car stopped?

A. Well, the first thing, just as soon as I got my car stopped, I just turned around and told them “My God I have killed a woman.”

Q. What was done then?

A. Well, the conductor jumped out and ran around behind the car to look for her.

Q. And what did you do?

A. I stayed right in my car, right at the end until they all got out, and then I asked them to come around and look at my handles, to see that I had my car reversed, and everything.

Q. Did you go to see the position of the body at all?

A. Yes sir, I went and seen, and asked them to let me back up off of her, the hind truck was still on her.

Q. When you went around to see the body, you found the hind truck on the body?

A. This leg was right under the wheel and this one was right in front of it. [Indicating on the body.]

Q. That is, the right leg was under the wheel?

A. Yes sir.

Q. And the left leg —

A. She was lying on her back with the right leg under the wheel and her left one right in front of it.

Q. The front truck had passed over the leg?

A. Yes sir.

Q. What was the position of the body?

A. Well, she was lying right on her back. She seemed to be lying straight.

Q. Was the body outside or between the rails?

A. It was outside. Nothing but her feet I think — I did not look very close but I think one foot, I believe was cut a little bit shorter than the other, cut off a little further down, and the other a little further up. It seems as though she fell kind of angling, just a little bit angling to the track.

Q. Was there any evidence of life when you saw her?

A. Yes sir.

Q. What evidence?

A. She was just breathing a little when I looked at her, and I turned right around and went back.

Q. She did not seem to be conscious at all?

A. No sir.

Q. She did not speak?

A. No sir.

Q. Did she make any movement of her arms, or —

A. No, not when I was looking at her.

Q. What was done next, you backed off from the body?

A. Yes, I went back to the front of my car and stayed there. When I went to back the car I asked them to come around and see that I did not move my handles.

Q. Do you remember who it was that witnessed that?

A. No sir, they were all strangers to me, I did not know a person’s name that was on the car with the exception of the conductor, nary one.

Q. Do you know what was next done with the body?

A. No sir, I do not.

Q. Did you see the body moved a little ways so as to get it off from the track?

A. No sir, I was at my car at the handles then.

Q. This was not at a crossing where this occurred?

A. No sir, it was on the other side of 30th. It was between 75 and 80 feet, or 80 and 90 feet, from the crossing, about as near as I looked at it. I looked at it as I was going over it afterwards, at the rails, and I think it was between 80 and 90 feet; it will not miss it but mighty little.

THE CORONER: Are there any questions now by the members of the jury? (No questions.) Anybody in the room, any questions that they would like to have asked? (No questions.) If not, we will excuse you. Please remain around somewhere near, we may want to ask you some further questions.

JOHN KASTLE, sworn by the Coroner, testifies as follows.


Q. State your name?

A. John Kastle.

Q. And residence?

A. No. 35 Eighteenth street.

Q. You have seen the body of the deceased over whom we are holding this inquest?

A. Yes, casually here in the house.

Q. Do you recognize it as any one you knew in life?

A. Yes.

Q. What was her name?

A. Her name was Mary A. Munroe, I think, I backed several letters or wrote her name for her several times.

Q. She had been in your employ?

A. Yes sir.

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