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A novel of Mission Hills: Oakley Hall's Corpus of Joe Bailey

The beginnings of a lost San Diegan.

A novel from Mission Hills.

Oakley Hall explains Corpus of Joe Bailey

Denounced from San Diego pulpits, banned in Australia and New Zealand

Read first part of the novel. In 1953 Judy Garland made a splendid appearance at the opening reception for the Kentucky Derby. She was wearing a navy-blue, full-length coat; navy-blue, calfskin opera pumps with very ...

A romantic loner in San Diego' Gaslamp

The urgent dancing of wartime

The Dorseys, Louis Prima, Duke Ellington, the “Sweet Bands” like Sammy Kaye’s and “Blue Barron.” Guy Lombardo and Ralph Flanagan, I figure they’re all here somewhere tonight.

Julian's Apple Survivors

Antiques sell best - Northern Spy, Arkansas Black, Mammoth Black Twig

At this time of year, the pies in Julian are made with fresh apples from Julian orchards. The Julian Pie Company gets its apples from Crown Orchards in the Farmer's Road area north of town. ...

Condos Invade Little Italy

And horrify architect Rob Quigley

"I'm horrified," says Quigley. "They're really not learning, I don't think, from the idea of making something that's unique to Little Italy. They're doing it in the most superficial way possible, which is stylistic.”

Payback time

One of the most enthusiastic backers of 1998's Proposition MM, the San Diego school district's $1.51 billion mega-bond issue, was the Union-Tribune, repeatedly editorializing in favor of the measure, which had been packaged by district ...

Why do we eat chickens and not, say, seagulls?

Matt: How did humans come to their regular raising and consumption of chickens? Why not pigeons, seagulls, or crows? How long has man been eating chicken, and why is this particular type of fowl so ...

Who decides what songs are played on oldies stations?

Heymatt: By now the role of "independent promoters" in funneling record company money to radio stations in exchange for a coveted spot on their extremely limited play lists is pretty well known. But what's the ...

Explore the rich tidepools of Little Corona Beach in Orange County

Some of the finest tidepools in Orange County — indeed in all of Southern California — await you on this short, absorbing, and possibly time-consuming walk north of Crystal Cove State Beach. Successful "tidepooling" requires ...