Content for Thursday, November 1, 2001

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How Bob and Amy and Chris and Samantha and Ted and Roy and Kurt and Becky Found Love on the World Wide Web

Passion by the gigabyte

BOB | Age: 35 Q How did you meet your Internet date? A I met her when she responded to the ad that I placed on [email protected] She’s the only girl who responded to me. ...

Kolender's Friends Chip in

It's been seven and a half years since Bill Kolender, backed by almost every member of San Diego's downtown establishment, demolished Sheriff Jim Roache's reelection hopes. Four years earlier, Roache had defeated John Duffy's hand-picked ...

Maienschein and Butkiewicz

With the fate of the downtown baseball stadium hanging in the balance and many of the city's other construction projects and pay boosts threatened by recession-induced budget problems, proponents are seeking to influence the spending ...

Immigrant secrets

The Ah Quin diary

Ah Quin pawned some jewelry. When he suffered general financial instability toward the end of his life, he also had to sell some of the dozen businesses in San Diego in which he was involved.


A new film noir from the Coen Brothers

It had to happen sometime. The Man Who Wasn't There is the first Coen brothers movie to disappoint me. That’s not to say that it’s not good, certainly not to say that it’s not even ...

Visit Imperial County's Pumpkin Patch, where stone pumpkins dot the barren desert landscape

Stone pumpkins numbering in the hundreds, baked beige and reticulated by exposure to the summer desert sun, lie in a patch of several acres at the Imperial County site known as Pumpkin Patch. The spherical ...

What's the deal with girls' bikes?

Dear Matthew Alice: Why are there men's and women's bikes? If the center bar was originally placed to accommodate "ladies wear," then what gives? I saw a newer design this week, and it was not ...

Why are some envelopes marked "Place Stamp Here"?

Dear Matthew Alice: I was paying my bills when a question occurred to me that only you could answer. Why is it that envelopes that come with bills are always marked "Place Stamp Here" or ...

Did Dr. Laura lie to me?

Dear Matt-Al, Knower of Any and All Stuff Profound and Minute: A couple of months ago I watched Dr. Laura on a cable news commentary program. She stated to her hosts that her TV show ...

Take a spin on a bicycle over the flat roads of Borrego Valley.

The sun-blasted desert days of summer are over, and Borrego Springs now boasts salubrious temperatures along with its bone-dry air. This community of several thousand residents (in the winter season, at least) squarely placed in ...

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