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Just a Step Ahead of a Shoe Shine

I can still see Jay trying to sell this young Navy wife a Bible, while she kept telling him she was agnostic. I didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or butt in and set ...

Survival Poet

'I'm totally lyric," says Erika Lara, a woman in her early 30s who sits on a metal folding chair on the marble landing before Tijuana's municipal government building. "A lyric poet. Uneducated. I barely finished ...


Computer magnate Ted Waitt has had his share of bad luck lately. First a huge plunge in sales at his Gateway computer company, then an embarrassing story in Fortune magazine, describing the problem-filled move of ...

At Sea World, why can you walk around with a 16 oz. cup of beer from the concession stand, but you can't walk around with the 4 oz. sample size cups?

Dear Alice: What's up with the beer rules at Sea World? I'm an annual pass holder and often like to sample those 4 oz. cups of beer at the Hospitality Center. My question is, why ...

Friday night laundry near Redwood Street

Grease stains from King Shish-Kabob at Sixth and F

I was walking along Revolucion when a barker called out to me, “Hey, Paul McCarthy!” Huh? He was pointing at a pretty good T-shirt, black and rose with a portrait of a famous Beatle, not Paul.

I'm not going to fold laundry on Mother's Day

“Are you crying. Mom?”

I had a hard time waking up on Mother’s Day. I’d been up until 12:30 a.m. folding laundry. With five children aged eight and younger, we generate a lot of dirty clothes. Every week, I ...

Ramble about on the shady trails of Peters Canyon Regional Park in suburban Orange County.

Deeded to the Orange County parks system by the Irvine Company in 1992, Peters Canyon Regional Park has -- like several other newly declared open-space areas around the periphery of the Orange County metropolis -- ...

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