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Sinister Hero

A Filipino writer takes on his community

He believes that advertisers control the content of most Philippine newspapers in San Diego. Print something against what they believe, which is to say the status quo, and you’ll be out of business quickly.

Under the bridge

San Diego city officials are suddenly in a big hurry to build a multimillion-dollar bridge across the San Diego River in Mission Valley just east of the big Interstate 805 span. The reason: the city ...

Naked Monks Irk Campo Residents

Rumors spread through the backcountry town of Campo the way a wildfire spreads through the local hills. It starts with a passing comment in the feed store, an off-the-cuff remark in the post office. It's ...

No Mexican food without epazote

A cure for worms

l was working in my herb garden last weekend when my neighbor, pulling weeds on his side of the fence, retched. “My God,” he said. “What are you doing over there? What is that smell?” ...

Take an early-evening stroll through spring-green chaparral on Cuyamaca's Pine Ridge Trail.

If you want a quick escape from the dreary late-afternoon June gloom dogging the coast of late, try this little outing to the blue-sky realm of the Cuyamaca Mountains. Pack along a light dinner of ...

Esperanto — no irregular verbs

The geek problem

Se vi povus legi cition, vi komprenas Esperanton. If the degree of a manifesto’s passion and ardor were any test, the Prague Manifesto would be an important one: “Any system of communication which confers lifelong ...

Is there anywhere in San Diego where women can see men dancing for women?

I have seen in San Diego boys dancing for boys, and women dancing for guys. Is there anywhere near where us females can see the men dance for US? (example: Chippendales) -- Jan Lyons, San ...

What is the difference between the terms "road" and "roadway?"

Hello: Can you tell me why the weather and traffic people insist on using the word "roadways" when describing conditions on the roads? What is the difference between a road and a roadway, anyway? Seems ...

What is a cobweb?

Hey, Matt: What's a cobweb? I say they're spider webs. My wife insists they're not, but she can't tell me where she thinks they come from. Settle the argument. -- Mr. & Mrs. Clean, Santee ...

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