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When friends fall into bed and strangers occupy personal space

Dear Aunt Trudy, Leonard (not his real name) and I have been friends — just friends, mind you — since college. Neither he nor I have ever married, although both of us have come close. ...

A Mom Fights for Her Son

Drugs and the extraordinary child.

There were several IV lines and a fetal monitor that amplified the baby's heartbeat to a level that was impossible to ignore.

Killer Nuts

Anine-year-old boy is riding with his father south on I-5, headed for a fishing trip in Mexico. A bee flies into the cab of the truck and stings the boy. Within minutes, the boy is ...

Law park

Contrary to common wisdom, the arrival of new Padres honcho Robert J. Vizas portends more litigation -- not less -- for the long-troubled baseball team and its investors, both public and hidden. Vizas, a high-pressure ...

Get intimate with bat rays and pickleweed at the Chula Vista Nature Center.

Spy on the secret, subterranean life of a worm; ogle a heron or an egret; pet a bay ray or a leopard shark; get personal with pickleweed and cordgrass; sniff the sage-tinged salt breeze as ...

How do cops call in license plates with symbols?

M.A.: I see a few different symbols are now appearing on license plates. Little hands and hearts. How would the cops call in something like that if one of those cars was involved in a ...

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