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Christmas Without Jesus

San Diego's non-Christians at Yuletide

"I never use religion for business. I respect religion for religion."

He Had No Right to Fire Me

Crystelle Love, 22, is on her way to a job interview. Sporting a black leather jacket, gray miniskirt, and black nylons, Love looks defiant. She lost her job three weeks ago and describes the event ...

In Lakeside, Chickens Make Good Neighbors

Coning and drying of manure helps.

There are a few ways to spot Hilliker's Egg Ranch on El Nopal Road in Lakeside near Santee. One is to look for one of several chicken signs — the animated white chicken will be ...

High-tech cash

Last week's deciding vote by Democratic congresswoman Susan Davis, in favor of fast-track trade-negotiating power for the president, was preceded by campaign contributions from many with a connection to free-trade backer Irwin Jacobs and Qualcomm, ...

Do movie stars really have such good penmanship?

Hey, Matt: In movies and television, when you see a hand with a pen or pencil write something on a piece of paper, is that really the actor, or does Hollywood have a large reserve ...

Why is Christmas abbreviated Xmas?

Hey there, wisdom scout: While making our list of family items to do this week, I used the abbreviation "Xmas" to indicate shopping for the holiday. My 12-year-old son asked me why it was abbreviated ...

Who's Earl Gray?

Hey, Matt: I love tea. Who's Earl Gray? -- Jason Schell, the Net Earl was a British Prime Minister in the early 1800s. The story goes that a grateful and powerful Chinese gentleman, whose life ...

Hike the blufftop at Scripps Coastal Reserve for vertiginous views of Scripps Pier and the ocean.

The Scripps Coastal Reserve, managed by the University of California Natural Reserve System, includes a small, undeveloped mesa overlooking the ocean, steep canyons to either side, and an underwater preserve beneath Scripps Pier. Up on ...

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