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How Steam and Sun Can Light Your Life

Who among us has not twitched a little during this, the year of California’s power crisis, upon hearing Tales of the End Time of the Fossil Fuel. For more than a billion years, the planet’s ...

Big Boom Moves East

At the Employment Development Department's Metro Career Center on Aero Drive, people looking for work wander around the lobby. Some are on the provided telephones, calling job leads. Others look at the jobs listed on ...

Mission Hills Versus School

Francis Parker School blocks traffic

"What we've got here is a school with 450 kids. The site that they're on here, the whole thing, is five acres, but only three of it is usable. The rest is canyon.”


The vice president of Hispanic and international marketing for the Padres, Enrique Morones, has left the team as a result of a "consolidating and streamlining" move by new president Bob Vizas, who replaced ex-honcho Larry ...

V.S. Naipaul's Half a LIfe

My work is full of jokes.

As for Naipaul's willingness to talk with me, he said, in his beautifully modulated voice, “It’s not correct for a person of my stature to appear on a giveaway sheet. It’s not right. It’s not right.”

Why do I see stars when I hit my head?

Matt: I bashed my head on an open kitchen cabinet the other day. I saw "stars," those little flashes of light. Where do they come from? -- Michelle, San Diego They're an invention of your ...

What is the predecessor of the music video?

Hey, Matt: I'm trying to convince my son that his generation did not invent music videos. I remember in the 1960s going to bars in New York that had juke boxes with video screens. It ...

What's the deal with iridescent ham?

Matthew Alice: My girlfriend is freaked out by the iridescence you see on ham. What is that iridescence? Maybe if I can explain to her what it is, then maybe she will eat it. -- ...

Hike or mountain-bike to Gilman Peak in Orange County's Chino Hills State Park.

Gilman Peak's bald summit, barely poking over the lesser ridges of the Chino Hills of Orange and Riverside Counties, affords a breathtakingly spacious view of Southern California on a clear day. To the southwest lies ...

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