Content for Wednesday, November 22, 2000

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Cornucopia: Stephen Facciola's edible world

Lives in Vista in a 400-square-foot cottage

“You’re eating bug excrement.” Stephen Facciola and I are standing in the parking lot of a Middle Eastern grocery in disheartening Anaheim. The streets are eight lanes wide. The blocks, a mile long. The air ...

Big-Money Boys

Liberal activists Larry Remer and Tom Shepard go for the gold

After Hedgecock's victory in the spring of 1983, Shepard became the crown prince of San Diego political consultants. He triumphed again that year in Hedgecock's campaign for voter approval of the downtown convention center.

Homeless plans for Thanksgiving in San Diego

What do I have to be thankful for?

“These people protect me, they watch over me -- I'm five foot two --I'll get mugged, I'll get robbed, everything, 'cause I'm short and people take advantage. The homeless steal from the homeless also, and that sucks.”

Golding's meaty send-off

As Susan Golding leaves the public payroll for the first time in her more than 19 years as city councilwoman, state bureaucrat, county supervisor, and San Diego mayor, friends are bidding her adieu. Next Wednesday, ...

Far From Empty

“Kaddafi was very well educated.” She was impressed with his success in preventing harm from coming to the Italians when they were deported from Libya and with his decision to leave a Catholic cathedral standing in Tripoli.

Why does 86'd mean getting thrown out?

Hey, Matt: Why no column in the October 26 Reader? No questions worth answering? Maybe this will fit the bill. Why does 86’d mean getting tossed out or ejected? I’m not leaving until I find ...

What is the deal with the much vaunted "World Class" city's Third World streets?

Hey, Matt: What gives with the much vaunted "World Class" city's Third World streets? It seems that every project the city manages to poop out winds up in short order looking like the hallway runner ...

The power lines along the park corridor are incredibly noisy. Is this normal?

Hey, Matt: The power lines along the park corridor are incredibly noisy. As a physics major in school, I know that noise requires energy, and this means these high-tension lines are losing a lot of ...

What does the slang term, "86'd" mean?

Matt: About 40+ years ago, the Uniform Code of Military Justice had Article 86 as the absence without permission. I remember asking where someone was and getting the answer, "He 86'd over the weekend." I ...

Come Back Alive

The history of soaring in San Diego

Fogel names San Diegan John J. Montgomery as the first American to fly a glider. “He was the first American to fly, period, here in San Diego, in 1883. But he isn’t famous because he was secretive about it.”

Discover desert fan palms in their native, oasis-like habitats at Anza-Borrego's Mountain Palm Springs.

The area called Mountain Palm Springs in southern Anza-Borrego Desert State Park cannot lay claim to the largest palm oases in our local desert, but it does feature some of the most charming ones. The ...