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My El Cajon Valley High School days with Lester Bangs

The Creem and Rolling Stone writer was not from the sticks.

He made the front page of the Daily Californian. The paper ran a large photograph of Lester sitting on a bus bench reading a newspaper, his pile of record albums, magazines, and books beside him.

Political Brush Country

On renting a home in Southeast San Diego last year, Tim Norris was delighted to live near a canyon. "When we first got here, we explored," Norris said, recalling he and his daughters hiked several ...

Dirty little secrets

U.S. District Court judge John S. Rhoades, who last year sealed the criminal files of wealthy Metabolife honcho Michael Ellis and his partner Michael Blevins, is back on the hot seat, this time as a ...

Fat boy and his tortilla

"Can’t your parents afford bread?”

My brother was a talented artist. When he was bored, or if I irritated him by doing something outrageous like reading his comic books or touching his ten-speed, he produced life-like sketches of a pig ...

Indians in debt

California's version of slavery

While slavery was a part of Indian culture (“tribes throughout California captured individuals from enemy Indian groups and used them to cultivate crops”), most ethnographers agree that “prostitution did not exist in California aboriginal societies.”

How big I am

The pregnant belly

Angela gazed at my great naked body. From her perspective, eyes about level with my protruding navel, I must have looked like a super tanker viewed from the deck of a small sailing ship.

Is it legal for people to leave paper advertisements at your house when ever they feel like it?

Matthew: What's the scoop on the stuff that pitches up on my doorstep while I'm away from home? Flyers inviting me to try bottled water free for 30 days or take advantage of two-fer-one pizza ...

Can a person still get dandruff if they shave their head?

Hey, Matt: If a person shaves their head, can they still get dandruff? -- Slap-head, UTC Technically, yes. That's using the broadest definition of "dandruff," of course -- flakes of dead skin breaking free of ...

How does the money from CRV move through the system?

Dear Matt: I have no problem with the CRV we Californians pay for beverage containers as it is really nothing more than a deposit for our glass, cans, and plastic containers. My grocery clerk collects ...

Mountain-bike the old road through Telegraph Canyon in Orange County's Chino Hills.

Chino Hills State Park, 13,000 acres of rolling former ranch lands near the juncture of Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, is a mountain biker's paradise. Some 40 miles of dirt roadways suitable for cycling ...