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On January 22, San Diego Opera will burn a witch

A cockroach looking down toward the empty end of a cereal box — that’s my sense of the bare stage of the San Diego Civic Theatre viewed from the first row. No trace is left ...

Rich and Getting Richer

La Jolla's Neal Blue, who with brother Linden owns General Atomics, the big defense contractor on Torrey Pines Mesa, is ruffling the bucolic atmosphere of scenic Telluride, Colorado. Blue's San Miguel Valley Corp., which owns ...


Yet another Navy SEAL impostor has been unmasked, and this time the case is going before a judge. Raymond E. Aucker, 46, a former school superintendent in Panther Valley, Pennsylvania, was charged last week in ...

A spectacular total lunar eclipse graces the evening sky on January 20, 2000.

Next Thursday evening, January 20, the full moon launches itself over the eastern horizon near the time of sunset, 5 p.m. By 6:30, however, a ghostly pallor starts spreading across the ascending moon. A denser ...

The cruelest month

January does a number on the Albrights

I held the spoon to Johnny’s lips. He opened his mouth for a moment, then closed his lips tight. Sticky purple suspension flowed down Johnny’s chin and into the folds of his neck. “Oh, Johnny,” I complained.

Picking Up the Shards

Say "millennium" real fast as many times as you can before you puke. For me, I can't get past the first pronunciation of the word. I'm not sure why that is. It's a perfectly functional ...

A Toxic Tour of Baja

Last Thursday, January 6, Victor Ontiveros arrived on Kettner Boulevard and disappeared into a two-story '60s-era building. When he came out, a couple of Macintosh computers in his arms, he was $3000 richer, with a ...

Hillary's Benefactors

An affiliate of the controversial San Diego-based diet-drug company Metabolife -- already California's sixth-largest donor of soft money to national political campaigns -- has written a $25,000 check to a committee set up to benefit ...

The dangerous Ayn Rand

What's attractive about her, what's not

I am your typical liberal — skeptical, cynical, a little grossed out by Columbus Day. Maybe I’m a little to the left of most liberals, because I’m young and because I owe credit card companies ...

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