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San Diego writers descend on the Santa Fe Depot

We came for the ambience

Here’s the idea: You get a bunch of writers together and you take them someplace cool, someplace evocative — the Santa Fe Depot, say — and you tell them, “Go ahead, write something.” This could ...

American Cabstand

From Afghanistan to dentistry school via taxi

"People jump out of the cab to keep from paying. I had one Mexican guy jump out of my cab while it was still moving. Some day one of these people is going to get hurt.”

Ain't Never Goin' Back

The lobby of the Central Jail on Front Street is like a ticket office. Clerks behind glass windows service visitors, bail bondsmen, and attorneys. The mood is low-key and lazy until the elevator doors open ...

UCSD's gold

How much does it cost state taxpayers to lure administrators to UCSD's La Jolla hilltop campus by the sea? Plenty. Latest example is Edward W. Holmes, new vice-chancellor of health sciences and dean of the ...

India Street and Beyond: A history of the Italian Community of San Diego, 1850-1980

Canice Gardner Ciruzzi Master's thesis UD

Bruschi invested in mines in Baja California, a ranch in Otay Mesa, and an interest in the Hotel L’Europe on Fifth Avenue and H Street. When the Ginocchio Company opened its store, in 1876, Bruschi managed it.

A Taste of Wild Honey

The decline of natural beehives

All winter I have struggled to hold the bees in the hive of my head. Because I had no time to write about them, they threatened to rise up as a single blonde body and ...

In hotels and motels, why isn't the bottom sheet tucked in?

Matt: In hotels and motels, why does the bottom sheet only extend to the end of the mattress? It isn't tucked in, and when you are tall and/or a restless sleeper, the bottom sheet gets ...

Are any of the rumors concerning British Prince Harry true?

Lord Matt of Knowledge: There are ongoing rumors suggesting that [British] Prince Harry has issues. Or, more precisely, he isn't Charles's issue. Does anyone concerned with the succession to the throne see anything in these ...

A summer stroll under cool live okas

Catch a cool evening breeze while scouting the 2000-acre Sycamore Canyon Open Space Preserve near Poway

Sycamore Canyon Open-Space Preserve sprawls across more than 2000 acres of granite-ribbed mountains southeast of Poway. About ten miles of old ranch roads, fire roads, and newer trails presently lace through the area. For a ...