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Farewell, Worshipful Objects

The tenor saxophone player is missing. While someone tries to call him on a cell phone, the horn players clear their throats and the other ensemble members make the familiar, cacophonous sounds of musical instruments ...


In 1668 the Marquis de Montespan was seen approaching Versailles in a coach draped in black silk with a pair of stag’s horns wobbling on top. The Marquis no doubt chose stag’s horns because they ...

Back on the Street

Micael Jackson is in a good mood. It's a muggy Saturday afternoon downtown, and he's just been released from jail at Front and C Street after six months inside. "I was in for narcotics. My ...

Helmeted Arts

A team of San Diego artists are among 11 finalists to win one of four $300,000 public-art contracts in Denver. The site of the projects is the new downtown Denver football stadium slated to open ...

High cost of power

SDG&E workers may be taking the brunt of local anger over utility-rate hikes, but executives of Sempra Energy, the outfit that owns SDG&E, are raking in big bucks. According to public disclosures, the Sempra chairman ...

San Diego's Free Speech Protests of 1912

Why the Wobblies came here

In an article for Mother Earth, Alexander Berkman said troopers reminded him of Russian Cossacks. The term “Cossack” became popular with Wobblies, “who used it frequently to describe the policemen they confronted.”

View the Pacific from the south-facing vantage of Leo Carrillo State Beach near Malibu

Upcoast from Malibu, in the serene western half of the Santa Monica Mountains, Leo Carrillo State Beach encompasses a bit more than a mile of ocean frontage plus 2000 acres of interior hillsides and canyons. ...

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