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Women's Work

Indians didn't have plastic containers

She told me the indigenous people of California used four basic types of baskets: the seed beater, the burden basket, the sifter, and where bedrock mortars were not used, a mortar hopper was used to save seed.

Alan Bersin's disappointment with San Diego Unified

School district pushing for land purchase

It's not easy to take on the likes of San Diego Unified School superintendent Alan Bersin. Subject of endless rounds of favorable coverage in the Union-Tribune and the darling of its editorial board, son-in-law of ...

Hike to Monrovia Canyon Falls just above the San Gabriel Valley community of Monrovia.

Tucked away obscurely in two shady canyons behind the San Gabriel Valley community of Monrovia is one of the most beautiful parks in the Los Angeles area: Monrovia Canyon Park. Adding spice to the rich ...

The Guns of Mexico

Gun ownership is illegal in Mexico. This statement has been heard more than once on Southern California talk radio. Sometimes a host or caller will qualify the comment by saying it is handguns that are ...

Chicago Does L.A.

The L.A. Times after being bought by the Tribune

Gil Reza, a Times reporter in Orange County said he is counting on management's assurances. "We've got to believe that. It wouldn't make sense for the Tribune to gut the staff, hurt the quality of the paper.”

Feathering the Nest

The day Neon Systems, a Houston-based software maker, went public on March 5, 1999, its price shot from $15 to almost $27 a share, according to news accounts. And San Diego City Councilwoman Valerie Stallings ...

To Sir With a Whole Lotta Love Boat

‘We’re gonna work on our Jewel set now.… It’s called Jewelmania. Then we’ll do a spoken-word thing where each of us will interpret one of her poems. I’m doing mine in dance,” says José Sinatra ...