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Secrets of the Dome-Dwellers

Learn about the lifestyles of local Native Americans

“They didn’t own parcels of land, but did have one pseudo property right — the acorn tree. Often, a tree would be owned by a family and passed down. Uncommon but not unknown were acorn wars.”

San Diego's ten hottest chefs

Michael Stebner, Azzura Point; Eduardo Baeza, Candelas; Patrick Ponsaty, El Bizcocho; Doug Organ, Laurel; Bernard Guillas, Marine Room; Martin Woesle, Mille Fleurs; Takashige Satate, Octopus Garden

San Diego is an ocean of pleasures, a paradise to live in or see. Only lately, though, has it started to be a great place to eat. My assignment, should I choose to accept it, ...

Advice for anyone about anything

Here's my dilemma. Should I write an advice column? Here in this publication? Do I have the right, the inclination? The, ahem, balls? Dare I ate a peach? Seeking and giving advice is as integral ...

We Are the Border

'Look at this," Edgardo Moctezuma said with disgust. Then he rose from the table and went to the rear of the tall book-lined wall and brought back a stack of books. "This is what, as ...

What Is that Sucking Sound?

Thirsty Barona casino angers its neighbors.

The Barona Band of Mission Indians began construction on their new golf course. in May 2000. "The sod went in the end of June," Hillson says, "and Steve's well went dry in the middle of July.”

Movin' on Up

Although their team may be scrambling for stadium money, Padres honchos Larry Lucchino and Charles Steinberg have put together enough cash to buy a luxurious La Jolla Shores condo together. According to a deed filed ...

Why do so many of our superheroes, such as Batman and Superman, wear capes?

Dear Mr. Alice: I was wondering, why do so many of our superheroes, such as Batman and Superman, wear capes? With the type of work these men do, I would think that the capes would ...

William Heise County Park, a fine spot for camping and hiking near Julian, features bright autumn colors in October and November.

For the purposes of camping, picnicking, and day-hiking in a superb mountain setting, William Heise County Park near Julian is surely the crown jewel of the San Diego County Parks system. About one-tenth of the ...

Let’s Be Friends

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