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San Diego in 1899

Signs of an economic upturn one hundred years ago

In the predawn stillness of December 25, 1899, an earthquake awoke most of the 17,700 residents of the city of San Diego. When it ended, people estimated that the undulations had lasted 12 seconds. Eastern ...

Trailmaster Schad unveils his plans for Roam-O-Rama in the 21st century.

"Roam-O-Rama" marches into the new millennium with a new focus: San Diego County and beyond. During the seven-year tenure of this column in the San Diego Reader, I've recommended nearly 300 outdoor activities and adventures ...

The size and wiggliness of a newborn

Christmas gifts

I looked down at Lucy while Rebecca wrote out Lucy’s request. “What if Santa can’t get Prince of Egypt guys?” I asked. “What else might you want?” “Nuffing,” Lucy answered and carried her book back to the living room.

How to Lose a Library

When Charles Harrington Elster contemplates the task of building a new library in downtown San Diego, the Greek myth of Sisyphus comes to mind. For his crimes of murder, gossip, and greed, Sisyphus was condemned ...

Borderline Truckers

Long-haul, big-rig truck drivers who flow into San Diego consider the area one of the least friendly in the country, mainly because of the absence of full-service truck stops. Not long ago Dan and Terry ...


As San Diego's homicide rate soars, police department critics are zeroing in on the department's abysmal "clearance" percentage -- the rate at which murders are solved. According to FBI statistics, the 1998 national clearance rate ...

Was Sylvester Stallone ever in a movie with Ingrid Bergman?

Dear Matthew Alice: A friend of mine swears that Sylvester Stallone appeared in a movie with Ingrid Bergman. Apparently he made it before he became "Rocky." Of course my friend doesn't know any other details, ...

Are dentists losing some of their business due to new, improved mouth wash?

Matthew: 1. About 15 years ago, I read a newspaper story about a professor of dentistry at Buffalo University who had invented a mouth rinse that not only arrested decay but actually healed and invigorated ...

Was President Jimmy Carter ever attacked by a rabbit?

Matt: My dad told me a story about how President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a rabbit. I own one, and I don't think rabbits would attack anybody. Is this story true? My dad said ...

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