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A 13,000-foot fall above Otay Mesa

“The one piece of advice I’ll give you is, when you go out the door of the plane, to make your body as relaxed as possible. Don’t tense up. Relax and enjoy yourself.”

Fairy Shrimp, the City of San Diego, and the Mayor of Poway

The sad fate of vernal pools and their inhabitants

“Oooh, what’s that?” Kelly says, touching the water. “There’s a shrimp.” He says it’s long and translucent. “See it?” What I can make out looks like a near-invisible minnow. Shrimp swim upside down, Kelly explains.

Some Assembly Required

At 8:30 on weekday mornings, several small buses drop off 200 passengers at 9575 Aero Drive. The buses move at a brisk pace even though most of the passengers need some assistance getting off. By ...

We'd Like to Know More About Our Policemen

The man who decided to drug-test all the cops in Tijuana is satisfied. Marco Antonio González Arenas says the front-page color photos of police officers lining up at a table loaded with their urine samples ...

Breslin's Raspberry

Once again the Pulitzer Prize recipients have been announced, and once again the San Diego Union-Tribune has been shut out. Though the San Diego Evening Tribune won two of the coveted journalistic awards before it ...

How sanitary is money?

Dear Matt: How sanitary is the money that passes through our hands every day? I recently got some change back at the store, and one bill appeared to be spattered with blood. I was reminded ...

Are the parking meters near Seaport Village run by the Port District?

Matthew Alice: Saw these parking meters near Seaport Village. They blink red when expired. This is Port District property. How unusual. What gives? -- Downtown Sam, downtown (where else?) Jetted down there hoping for a ...

Are there more earthquakes now than there were 60 years ago?

Dear Matthew Alice: I've enclosed an ad from the San Diego Union-Tribune which provides "8 Compelling Reasons Why: Christ Is Coming Very Soon!" I'm interested in your take on Item 4, which states, "A recent ...

Climb to Orange County's high point the viewful summit of Santiago Peak via Holy Jim Canyon.

Santiago Peak is Orange County's point of highest elevation, offering probably the best urban/mountain/ocean view in all of Southern California. Under good atmospheric conditions, you can trace the coastline from Point Loma to Point Dume, ...

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