Content for Thursday, October 7, 1999

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Beach people who aren't bums – from Cardiff to Coronado

All summer, all winter Is the sound of the sea

“You can never come back from Dog Beach without having a laugh. Once I saw a little dog running by with a life jacket on. There’s always somebody jumping in the sand, chasing their tail, taking a swim.”

The case for motherhood – how it looks at the law school reunion

“I admire you so much"

I turned Johnny’s shirts into little squares and sorted 57 socks while Jay Leno told jokes and Kevin Eubanks laughed. When Jack and I went up to bed after midnight, we each carried an overflowing laundry basket.

One-legged professional with Federal Fire Department of San Diego.

Accident came while training for Baja 1000

He goes by both. Whether “Buddy,” the two-syllable synonym for pal, or the more mature-sounding “Bud,” the single-syllable term for what is young and unfinished, both fit. Bud McElroy, at 39, seems easygoing and uncomplicated. ...

Plaster plaque on S-2, Crying Wolf on Stonewall Peak

Unauthorized public art on San Diego trails

Coming soon to a vandalized scenic overlook or trailside destination: public art of ambiguous intent and questionable legality. Art scaled to the exact dimensions of missing historical plaques and interpretive markers. Art with a cynical, ...

Padres and city bureaucrats agree to save East Village landmarks

SDG&E Station A, at the corner of Imperial and Ninth Avenues

When La Jolla architect Jeffrey Shorn met with San Diego Gas & Electric Co., officials in downtown's East Village in early 1997 to discuss becoming a consultant, he was impressed by the utility's decades-old offices, ...

John Moores proves the lie to San Diego Union editor memo

The paper developed a reputation as the gold-hearted hooker of American journalism

When Karin Winner, the top editor of the San Diego Union-Tribune, issued a memorandum in September discouraging newsroom employees from attending media parties because she said the events compromised the U-T's integrity, bullshit detectors went ...

San Diego Museum of Art's Steve Brezzo sells La Jolla home to Padres executive

One complaint by city attorney was filed against Peter Navarro, bête noire of the San Diego establishment.

Back in September 1996, the city attorney's office announced formation of a "Public Integrity Unit" to clean up local government. "The Public Integrity Unit will serve a valuable function, and not only in handling election ...

What is the penalty for not having an ID and phone number at the top of faxes?

Dear Matthew Alice: I recently got my fax machine (as you can see) and the instruction manual says that under penalty of law that a phone number and identification title be at the top of ...

What are the Ts for on highrise buildings?

Dear Matt: I work in a highrise downtown and on some of the windows there are these Ts on the outside of the glass. I look out the window to a nearby high rise, and ...

Why do the wild-animal trackers always use such big tracking devices when there are much smaller ones?

Dear M.A.: Whenever I watch a wild-animal documentary such as those on KPBS or the Discovery Channel, I'm appalled at the huge size and awkwardness of the radio collars they snap around the animals' necks ...