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15th anniversary of the wedding of Susan Golding and Richard Silberman

Silberman served 37 months of his sentence at Boron

Golding, who was gearing up to run for mayor, played down stories that she was a regular visitor to the prison. She was quoted saying she was "disappointed with her husband and visits him infrequently.”

Spy distant mountains and look down on the desert floor from Foster Point in the Laguna Mountains.

Hike out to Foster Point in the Laguna Mountains for a great view of the desert floor from a mile-high elevation, and also for a chance to enjoy peace and solitude. Until fairly recently (due ...

El Cajon's crowded discontents

City of boxes

“They called it ‘The Jungle’ where I lived," says Michelle Hull, now a Spring Valley resident but formerly an Emerald Avenue apartment resident. “You could see people doing drug deals in their cars — my nine-year-old daughter saw that.

Baseball stadium to impact Sherman Heights

People still park a mile or more away on Friars Road to avoid parking fees

Louise Torio doesn't expect to see the glare of stadium spotlights, hear the collective roar of thousands of baseball fans, or sit immobile in downtown traffic for almost three years. Yet she is already worried ...

José Santiago Healy will launch his newspaper, Frontera

"We don't try to cover, to protect anybody"

Is José Santiago Healy Loera cut from the same cloth as his grandfather? In 1916, José Santiago Healy, son of Irish immigrants to Mexico, risked his life to truly report the Mexican Revolution. He survived ...

Randy Cunningham went to Bangladesh to check out drug-trafficking

San Diego bookie Peter Jay Lenz may be added to Nevada's "black book" of people banned \

She's not exactly a household name, but she's a plaintiff's lawyer with a good if low-profile pedigree. Constance H. Shaner practices law out of the offices of Ravreby, Shaner & Gibson in Carlsbad. Records show ...

Why are there people checking claim tickets when picking up your luggage at the airport?

Dear Matt: Last night I flew back to Lindbergh Field, claimed my bulky luggage, and was stopped on exit by the luggage-claim checker -- officious personnel who insist on seeing your luggage-claim check before they ...

What is the longest pier in California?

Mr. Alice: What is the longest pier in California? I've heard that it is the O.B. municipal fishing pier. -- Orville, Ocean Beach Have some bait stuck in your ear at the time, Orville? Anyway, ...

Why doesn't Canada require an international code when calling someone?

Dear Matthew Alice: Today my boss asked me to fax something to Canada. I didn't have to dial the international code. Why is Canada so special? -- Jamie Reeves, downtown Hey, Matt: This bugs me. ...

San Diego's Long-Lived Lighthouse Keeper

Robert Decatur Israel was born Thursday, March 23, 1826, in Pittsburgh. Son of a bricklayer — his parents were Scotch-Irish and Pennsylvania Dutch — he came to San Diego as a young man and, from ...

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