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Unpredictable San Diego

By any standards, 1998 was a seminal year for San Diego. In just one year, the city s one-time pro-environment, managed growth, fiscally conservative electorate heeded the calls by its establishment leaders — Susan Golding, ...

Equal Opportunity Bribes

Has the San Diego City Council, not especially famed for its intelligence, outsmarted itself again? So suggests the Sacramento Bee in a story about the council's hiring of Kevin Sloat, a "high-profile Republican" and former ...

If you build an automobile or submarine, what safety requirements are required?

To My Most Dearest Matt: Let's say that hypothetically I made an automobile. What sort of specifications and safety requirements would I have to meet in order to get it registered in the State of ...

Anza-Borrego's Lower Willows, now closed to motor-vehicle access, is reverting to wilderness.

Anza-Borrego's Coyote Canyon, northwest of Borrego Springs, sustains the only dependably year-round stream in San Diego County's desert quarter. Near the lower end of the canyon, soggy Lower Willows, along with its primary source of ...

Wallace Stevens: My interior paramour

I knew “Anecdote of a Jar” by heart

Stevens finally assented to his father’s bleak view and became a lawyer. He moved to Hartford, Connecticut, and worked for 30 years at the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company, becoming one of its vice presidents.

Everlasting Uncertainty

How I became a Marxist at UCSD

I was aghast to find that UC grad students who have chosen their specialization do not devote themselves to the “primary” literature — a poem, a novel, or a genre—but to the “secondary” literature.

Cremains Bursting In Air

Woosh! There goes Aunt Josephine. Boom! Put up your umbrellas, folks. She's coming down again! Volcanic ash! Dick Hassenger says there's no ash. The cremated human remains he sends up in giant fireworks so clients ...

Nonfiction Horror

'I'm looking for a book." This is the most common opener from a customer in almost any bookstore in America. In an informal survey of employees in chain bookstores, it was voted the most heard ...

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