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Cash-and-Carry Politics

Fat cats and their families get the campaign dollars flowing.

Some get it from big Los Angeles, Orange County, and New York developers. Some get it from professional sports moguls, trash haulers, and union bosses. Still others get it from lawyers, judges, and lobbyists. A ...

1850s social history

Between 1854 and 1865, rented rooms and parlors of homes became temporary sites of education. Then, in 1865, the city erected its first building: the Little Green School on Mason Street.

Visit the uncrowded San Dieguito Park, just east of Solana Beach.

While late-afternoon traffic snarls and tempers flare on North County's Interstate 5 and at the "merge," just inland lies an oasis of tranquillity: San Dieguito Park. Not to be confused with the huge San Dieguito ...

The Minister of Padres Politics

'Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees." That opening line of a recent newspaper advertisement was a plea to look beyond controversies surrounding the Padres' proposed baseball stadium and maintain "the vision" ...

The Chicano Ambassador

When the time came for Victor Zamudio Taylor to be born, his mother, Guadalupe, deliberately crossed the border -- into Tijuana. She and her husband, Regino, were determined that their son should be born a ...

Shady Diego

Ex-congressman Bob Wilson, who died last week of Alzheimer's, was a controversial figure who made national headlines during the Watergate scandal and played a major role in the International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) Co. affair ...

What do monkfish look like?

Hi, Matthew: What can you tell me about monkfish? I have eaten and enjoyed monkfish in a restaurant or two. I call it the poor man's lobster, since the flesh is akin to that of ...

What makes driving on the freeway so loud?

Greetings: What makes driving on the freeway so loud? Every time I get on the I-15 for the struggle home, I must roll up my windows because the noise of passing cars is nearly deafening. ...

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