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A Sword for Its Army and a Lily for Its Heart

San Diego's iris lovers, their ups and downs, and a visit to Cuyamaca to find our local native iris

Only one iris grows wild naturally in San Diego County. Called the Rocky Mountain Iris or Western Blue Flag, these simple wildflowers exist in small clusters here only in the chilly Cuyamaca Mountains

Promise Me You Won't Have a Mexican Dentist

Adventures in Tijuna dental care

As for the AIDS/TJ/dentist question, she says, “That’s not true. I know of no cases.” Naturally, she’ll say that, but if something of that nature came to light, you can bet the Union-Tribune would be all over it.

Gumshoe vs. SDPD

John Stevens is a driven man. Back in the late '80s in Portland, Oregon, he taught David Stevens the ways of private investigation. Now, 12 years later, his pupil is dead. Last December 23 on ...

Website of the Unknown Surfer

Lance Cottrell, the CEO of, a La Mesa-based Internet service that masks the identities of its users while they are on the World Wide Web, wasn't always obsessed with online privacy. In fact, the ...

Golding's Piggy Bank

A city-subsidized plan to build executive jets at Montgomery Field may end up costing local taxpayers a bundle in lost revenue. Century Aerospace, a tiny Albuquerque-based outfit that has yet to build an airplane, is ...

Follow the escape route of yesteryear's army deserter

Along the Mason Valley Truck Trail hikers and mountain bikers trace the route of an eighteenth-century Spanish traveler.

Two hundred twenty-seven years ago, a small party led by the Spanish Colonel Pedro Fages chased after army deserters from the Presidio of San Diego, trekking through a narrow declivity known as Oriflamme Canyon on ...

Dad's Little Pessimist

How to raise a thoughtful yet sporty child.

Dad was a great sports dad, in part because he paid attention. I was a decent athlete in a town of 20,000, which meant I got occasional mentions in the paper, especially when reporters searched ...

Are all police dept silhouettes that are used on shooting ranges black?

Dear Matthew Alice: A friend of mine has pointed out that at the shooting range of the San Diego Police Department all of the silhouettes the police practice shooting at are black. She maintains that ...

Why can't you flip a video cassette and use the other side?

Dearest Matt: Why can you flip over an audio cassette and use the other side, but you can't do that with a videotape? -- Reese, San Diego Reese, my friend, you can't flip over an ...

Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?

Hey, Matt: Why, why, WHY is there an expiration date on sour cream? It's already sour. -- JBee, Encinitas It's already a little sour. After three weeks or so, it gets reeeeeeely sour. Then the ...

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