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Vulgar Favors, Maureen Orth's book about the murderous saga of Andrew Cunanan

The special correspondent for Vanity Fair set out on the trail in 1997

"He was memorizing The Preppy Handbook. And telling people to have cracked crab for their eighth-grade birthday parties. And trying to be Sebastian White from Brideshead Revisited. Just insane kind of grandiosity at such a young age."

The English ex-pats living in San Diego

Limeys in a state of grace

You don’t go to a pub to meet new people: you go to a pub to meet people you already know — in a sense, to avoid people. The pub allows us to be sociable without taking risks;

Winona Martin, owner of two San Diego tattoo parlors, gets heat in Arkansas

Tattooland & Primal Art in Midway area and the Tattoo Gallery and Piercing Studio in Gaslamp Quarter

You'd think that after three decades of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the people of Arkansas would be pretty tuckered in the outrage department. But Winona Martin, the owner of two San Diego tattoo parlors, recently ...

Tijuana ex-mayor José Guadalupe Osuna Millán has plans for the city

Clean water, rapid transit

'I have a dream for Tijuana," says ex-mayor José Guadalupe Osuna Millán. We're sitting in Osuna's office on the fifth floor of a glass complex in the Rio zone of Tijuana. With its trees, plazas, ...

Audrey Geisel, widow of Ted Geisel, licenses Seuss characters to Universal theme park in Orlando

Chicago's Tribune Broadcasting Co., may go head to head with KUSI

It had to come someday: the cancellation of Silk Stalkings, the trashy sexy-girls-and-hunky-detectives series that was the pride of San Diego's taxpayer-funded motion picture bureau and ran for eight years on the USA cable network. ...

Life of an adjunct professor in San Diego community colleges

$35 an hour

The San Diego Community College District pays entry-level full-timers $3500 a month, while it pays adjuncts $35 an hour. And it pays adjuncts only for the hours they spend teaching in the classroom.

Panoramic views prevail atop Pinyon Ridge, overlooking Borrego Springs and much of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Pinyon Ridge stands just high enough on the Anza-Borrego desert rim -- and therefore gets just enough rain -- to support a sparse growth of pinyon-pine trees. Hiking along this ridge, you get expansive views ...

Volcan Mountain's pesky poachers

Don Madison guards the Rutherford Ranch

“Right where I went, there was Old Toby lying there, fresh-eaten. When I saw what that lion had done to him, an 850- to 1000-pound animal, I felt threatened. It made me scared to death.”

What is the combined load capacity of all the pickups in SD county?

Matthew Alice: I'm new to San Diego, having just moved here from England. There seems to be a fascination with pickup trucks here, but I've yet to see one carrying a load. What is the ...

Were there any quarters produced in 1975?

Matt: My son is four. He loves to earn quarters. While sorting through his cache of coins, I was trying to put together a sentimental set of one quarter from each year since my birth ...

What happens to un-purchased milk?

I was buying milk at the grocery the other day when I realized a habit of mine. There's always "newer" milk mixed in with the older milk, y'know? There's milk that's due to spoil a ...

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