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Can't I Just Get a Damn Valentine?

At first, I landed the wrong fish. The ad read: “Are You Literally a Child of the Sixties? Did you go to protests and rallies as a grade-schooler? Were your parents members of the counterculture? ...

Discover rich fossil-shell "reefs" after a hike through Anza-Borrego's Mud Hills Wash

This five-mile walk, in the low-lying, desolate, dry Carrizo Badlands of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, takes you to fossil shell "reefs" so dense with fossils that fossilized shells and shell fragments outweigh the sandy matrix ...

A Perfectly Sanitary, Labor-Saving House

San Diego's splendid Craftsmen homes

“In my neighborhood, people are removing aluminum siding and stucco from the 1950s and 1960s. They’re stripping the paint from their homes’ redwood shingles. And they’re pulling up wall-to-wall carpeting to expose the hardwood floors.”

Behind the Mixtec Curtain

An ancient Indian language makes its way to local classrooms

"Mixtec is an ancient language. It has a small vocabulary. So they have added things onto a root word to explain what they want to say. For example, 'bark' becomes 'the face of the tree.' "

Brains Turned to Mush

'I'll take San Diego for 100!" "All right!" The woman at the head of the line, in front of a dozen or so other Jeopardy hopefuls at University Towne Centre, is wearing a name tag ...

Crash Landing

A plan to build executive jets at a plant beside the runway at Montgomery Field has been scrubbed because, sponsors claim, neighbors didn't like it. But city sources say that the real reason the deal ...

Does San Diego have an official flower?

Dear Matthew Alice: Does San Diego have an official city flower? -- A Gardener, San Diego Of course we do. We don't have a modern library, but we do have a city flower. Back in ...

There are street names for 7 presidents, but why not Jefferson?

Matthew Alice: There are street names for the first seven presidents: Washington (Hillcrest), Adams, Madison, Monroe (Normal Heights), Jackson (San Diego, La Mesa), with the exception of Jefferson. Why no Jefferson? -- Carrie Hart, Normal ...

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