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Why Do They Need Free Food?

Our city officials' runaway gravy train.

Back in February, while gas prices were soaring and radio talk-show host Roger Hedgecock was railing against big oil, a group of San Diego city councilmembers and their aides traveled to Long Beach for a ...

Walk on the wild side of Cowles Mountain, up the northwest ridge to the summit.

There are at least as many ways to climb Cowles Mountain, the highest elevation within San Diego's city limit, as there are digits on your hand. Perhaps the least popular but no less fun approach ...

The Planet Hollywood Front

Darth Vader is waving a light saber and a charred Styrofoam ball on a chain in front of Planet Hollywood at Fourth and Broadway. The dark lord, black robes flowing in the wind, is shaking ...

Drop a Peso

Last week, amid great fanfare, President Ernesto Zedillo opened Telmex's San Diego telephone operations base. This, he said, was the beginning of a new era in cross-border cooperation. So how come I'm standing by this ...

Kehoe's Latest Stand

Has the tide turned against the plan to build a baseball stadium downtown? Although approved by voters last November in a so-called "advisory" election, cracks have begun to appear, most of them due to blatant ...

The Derek, Frieda, and Abbe Chronicles, Part 2

Bro and sis for certain.

Derek had become quite upset when Frieda drew me aside. ButFrieda had no intention of keeping this information from Derek; she later told him precisely what she had told me. Still, some game was afoot.

Why is there a sign saying "Leaving San Diego County" off Pomerado Road?

Hey, MatMan: Sometimes after getting off work in Kearny Mesa, I'll jump off I-15 at Pomerado on my way home to the great big city of Poway. Shortly after leaving the freeway, just before USIU, ...

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