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I'm Done With the States

Brothers below the border.

The restaurant was a rambling wood affair with families crammed together and happily intent over their plates until that rumba line of black men – a half dozen of them – began to snake between ...

Newsburgers Hot Off the Grill

Tijuana's most famous fearless female journalist

In Khartoum it's the Acropole. In Vientiane it's the Constellation. In London it's Biddy Mulligan's. In Tijuana the place to find "the buzz" is Big Boy -- El Big. El Big, on Agua Caliente Boulevard, ...

Where Politicians Park for Free

The airport is a different place for San Diego's poo-bahs.

Chief of staff for city councilwoman Valerie Stallings: "last week she took a trip to look at animal shelters in Oakland and San Francisco,. That's a good example of what she uses it for: city business."

B Stands for Buster

Buster's Beach House, a new restaurant in Seaport Village, started its first week of business on a downer: a B rating from the county health department was displayed discreetly in the front window, partially hidden ...

Take a Sunday tour of the Audubon Society's Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary near Lakeside.

Silverwood. The name comes from the glittering effect of sunlight upon the dark-green leaves of the coast live oak. Scores of these trees, some of them two-century-old giants scarred by fire, shade the canyon floor ...

Appetite everywhere

I work on my patient's weight loss.

Two years ago, Glenda weighed 342 pounds, and it was clear to me she needed more than advice to exercise and eat right. From the face covered with zits to the ankles swollen with arthritis, ...

Down and Out in Marioland

Homeless among the hillocks.

When the rain makes its move on San Diego in January, the streets seem more lonely than in other cities; it is a broken promise. On the south Embarcadero on a Monday afternoon, in the ...

Who is Huey, Dewey and Louie's father?

Mr. Alice: Who is Huey, Dewey, and Louie's father? If Donald Duck is their uncle, then Donald Duck must have a brother. I've never seen him. My dad has a brother and he is my ...

Do kids still take apples to their teachers?

Matt: Many, many years ago, when I was a kid, I remember taking an apple to school and giving it to my favorite teacher. Do kids do this anymore? Where did the tradition come from? ...

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