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Frank Bompensiero takes his years in San Quentin

When everything was lost

I don’t know how in the first months of 1955 Frank Bompensiero managed to get himself out of bed to face the day. I don’t know how he slept at night. Frank and Thelma and ...

Gateway Computer billionaire Ted Waitt loads the family aboard his executive jet

35 Japanese students claim they were given a poor education at USIU

Wasn't that ponytailed Gateway Computer billionaire Ted Waitt, currently La Jolla's most famous resident, seen loading the family aboard his executive jet parked at Lindbergh Field's private terminal last Friday night? He pulled up to ...

Hawks dive for rabbits on Fiesta Island

Red in tooth and claw

It’s now 10:00 a.m. and the rabbits are more scarce, so Faircloth decides to quit for the day. “We’re just not having any luck today,”

A trek up rugged Flat Cat Canyon, near Anza-Borrego's visitor center, tests hikers' mettle.

Flat Cat Canyon is the curious name given to a rugged gorge southwest of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park visitors' center and not far outside the town of Borrego Springs. Park rangers once found a ...

The Magdalenas defend Tijuana's prostitutes

"We have children to look after at night"

It's eight o' clock on a Wednesday night. Outside Tijuana's cathedral, the priests close the giant doors. The street darkens. The beggars pack up. But in a nearby shadowy parking lot the light shines out ...

Iowa Meats: "We're offering something that supermarkets don't sell"

"They're going to be Hereford or Black Angus"

The American symbol-turned-subculture, the cowboy, owes its existence to beef. Before they wore tight jeans and gaudy shirts and played concerts in Central Park, cowboys were men who herded cattle across the great open spaces ...

Marlon Jackson, member of the old Jackson Five, now lives in downtown San Diego

Making plans for a new family cable TV network

Contra Costa County library officials were all set to hire political consultant Fred Register to run their campaign for voter approval of a new library tax, but that was before the defeat of San Diego's ...

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