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We've Got to Roll, Brother

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Climb to the boulder-studded summit of Twin Peaks in Poway.

Twin Peaks, a scruffy, boulder-studded promontory rising amid Poway's suburban streets, is less known for its own existence than for the street named after it: Twin Peaks Road. At the close of a warm summer ...

Up the Creek

About a dozen federally protected endangered species, including the southwestern willow flycatcher and the Laguna Mountains skipper butterfly, live in the Cleveland National Forest, the 424,000-acre woodland preserve that stretches across the rugged backcountry of ...

Kill the Messengers

In the wake of the Grand Jury vs. Susan Golding dust-up, some local politicos are going after the Grand Jury in a big way. Steve Peace, a Democratic state senator from Chula Vista, is promising ...

What is brominated vegetable oil and why do soda companies put it in their drink?

Mr. Matthew: Here is a query that has been torturing the curiosity lobe of my poor little brain for months. What, exactly, is brominated vegetable oil, and why do soda companies put it in their ...

What does (sic) mean?

Hi, Mattster: (Qic) question for ya...What does it mean when they put one of these (sic) in a story? I'm sure I could probably look it up in my local dictionary, but it's more fun ...

The U.S.S. Bennington: Policy or Personnel

Who to blame for the gunboat explosion?

Under an overcast sky, at 10:30 a.m. two dull explosions—a “rumble like distant thunder” — echoed across San Diego Bay. Steam erupted through the Bennington s deck amidships. Men splayed about, “tossed by the detonation.”

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